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Hydraulic jacks

the concept of having a self levelling motor home was always a dream essentially on those cold wet afternoons in the winter.

Arrive on site find a pitch that looks level then proceed to get the ramps out then that precarious task of driving up them to the top clutch burning, and that thought if my foot slips now the van will be wrecked with the ramp wedged into the wheel arch!

Well after discovering GLIDE RITE on the internet the dream was to become reality, from the very fist contact via email and after visiting there stand at the Manchester show I was left in no doubt that this was the system for me.

A date was set, after dropping off the motor home at there workshops I was dropped off at the main line station. One week later on returning, again picked up and given a very comprehensive handover of now my self levelling motor home.  

I was soon to discover not only did the motor home level with ease and only take 2 minutes to set up BUT it has opened up 50% more pitches on site that before I didn’t even consider due the them being uneven.

“Grass pitches” due to the fact you take the weight off the wheels there no sinking (use a plank under the jacks) so driving off at the end of your stay is with ease.

Because the motor home is now fixed off its suspension there is no wobble when moving around inside, and as for those winding gusty nights, absolutly solid, no more thinking is it going to go over.

Another aspect is when in storage an added advantage when lifted, is firstly security and secondly tyres, they are not sat in the same place under pressure all winter and you can put a full cover on them doubling the life of the tyre.

Talking of tyres if the inevitable puncture happens no need to dig out the silly small jack any more in manual mode you can lift one side clean off the road!

The best part is the wife reaction, very sceptical with the idea and struggled to justify the expense, is now its best fan.

We would like to thank the hole team, our holidays and weekends away are so more enjoyable due to this simple addition.

Russell and Val Birks

Your semi-automatic hydraulic jacking system was fitted on our 4250Kg 2011 Auto Trail Delaware, with Alko chassis, in April 2012.  On arrival, your engineer, John, fully explained the installation procedure; there would be ‘fixed’ jacks at the rear, rather than the ‘swing-down’ type; we agreed on the location for the pump mechanism (in this case, it was under the fixed rear bed); the 'wander-lead' and control unit was to be contained under the driver’s seat; and the installation would be followed by an extended testing period, hence the 3-day fitting.

On collection, we received a full demonstration and could see that the ease and speed of operation were as had been suggested.  The vehicle was left in good condition and the access hole made in the habitation area floor was properly sealed.

The jacks can raise our vehicle so that all of the wheels are about 100mm from the ground (even taking into account the consequently ‘relaxed’ suspension) and, although this full extent has never, as yet, been required, it is nice to know that it is available if a considerably sloping pitch is unavoidable.  In practice, I put the legs to the minimum setting to achieve proper drainage from the kitchen sink rather than a completely level chassis (the two are slightly different).  So, usually, the wheels remain in contact with the ground and if that is very soft I have 50mm thick wooden pads that can give additional lift and spread the load even more.

The lengthways and lateral adjustment has always proved more than enough to reach the position required.

We now use the jacks every time we stop, whether on site, at a service area or by the roadside.  The operation is very smooth; it takes just a few seconds to prime the system and then no more than about 45 seconds to achieve the final position; and I never have to leave the driving seat to achieve this.

Once in place, the very audible alarm that is activated when the engine is switched on gives the clearest reminder that the jacks must be retracted before moving off.  

The difference felt between having the jacks ‘down’ or ‘up’ is significant.  When they are in place, the vehicle is ‘rock solid’ and even if they are at full extension there is virtually no discernable movement.  The jacks eliminate the rocking that had been something of an issue previously.  This lack of movement is particularly noticeable:

-  if parked at a roadside, when the slipstream created by passing cars makes a significant sway on even this sized van (so much worse with trucks);

-  in windy conditions; and

-  at night, when any movement is so much more noticeable/complainable.  Now, peace reigns.

But there are other significant benefits, namely, in having the:

-  ability to change a wheel on a motor home of this size, when previously it would be essential to call for roadside assistance.  In most of western Europe, getting such assistance in a relatively short time is not such an issue, provided you have membership of one of the motoring organisations, but that may not be so elsewhere in Europe;

-  very real additional security advantage with the vehicle off the ground when it is left unattended, although you must use security wheel nuts; and

-  opportunity to remove any, or all, of the wheels if the van is in long-term storage, to keep them separately or just to enable simple rotation of the wheels without moving the van, in order to overcome the adverse ‘flattening’ effect on the tyres and the deterioration that lack of movement can bring them.

As always, the cost has to be justified but with the advantages detailed above we are more than satisfied that, for us, this is so.  In this regard, during the research I did prior to choosing Glide-Rite, your product featured very favourably, in both quality and price, against the competition, which, at that time, chose not to advertise their product in the motor home press, so had to be identified by trawling the internet.  Even when they were contacted, they failed to provide the type of material that I wanted, to enable a good comparison of products and their cost, or any manner of reassurance that they could/would provide suitable customer service.  In contrast, you were keen to offer an inspection of a customer’s installed unit and even went to the trouble of meeting us in the West Midlands to demonstrate the system on your own promotional vehicle.  

Since your products have become more widely known, your competition seems to have moved at a pace and begun marketing campaigns, with appearances at the shows, so you must be doing it right (although you will not become complacent about that).

In conclusion, I am very satisfied with the product, its installation, ease of use and cost and it is ideal for our purposes.  

Very Best Regards

Barry Peabody

From our initial enquiry to Glide-Rite about fitting levelling jacks to our Burstner Elegance motor home to collecting the vehicle after the work was done the Glide-Rite team was very professional. Any e-mails sent were always replied to promptly and someone was always willing to answer any questions.

We were in Hampshire on holiday and made arrangements to have the jacks fitted whilst we were in that part of the country. As it was a day and a halfs work Carl even offered to find us an hotel for the overnight stay.  

The product is excellent, no more bother with ramps that sink in after a few hours on site, and was fitted in a neat and tidy way.

We managed to meet some of the Glide-Rite team at th N.E.C so we could say hello and thank them.

A good overall experience with an excellent outcome.

Paul and Tricia Smith