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So who are Glide-Rite?


Glide-Rite are dedicated to provide quality and cost effective solutions ranging from Solar Panels through to full Air Suspension systems typically for users and owners of specialist vehicles.



With more than 30 years experience in the automotive industry, Glide-Rite has established a team of motivated and dedicated people with the skills and experience required to push technology boundaries. The result is a synergy of innovative design and insightful interpretation of our customers needs at the forefront of vehicle technology delivering an impressive portfolio of innovative products.



Founded in 1973, Glide-Rite's parent company began by providing specialist transport services for the local community. Following extensive practical and technical knowledge gained in this field, Glide-Rite was formed specifically to develop a range of products designed to increase comfort, mobility and travel opportunities for disabled passengers.



The most significant of these developments came in 1997, with the launch of a unique 4-bag air suspension system, proven to increase comfort, stability and handling. Within 2 years, this innovative product had confirmed its position as market leader with over 90% share of the UK Ambulance fleet. Interest continued to spread throughout international markets as Glide-Rite secured high profile customers in 34 countries, establishing a network of agencies and offices World-wide.



Recognition for both company and product followed with numerous endorsements from leading vehicle manufacturers including Mercedes, Renault, Ford, Fiat, VW, Daewoo and GM and approvals from organisations including TÜV and RWTÜV.



Glide-Rite has combined state of the art CAD software and conventional engineering methods to design and produce radical but simple automotive solutions, ranging from the world's first air powered steering lift axle to a unique moving floor for easy wheelchair access. These achievements have been accomplished by adopting a flexible engineering approach, without compromising quality or reliability.



Specifying a product is only the start. With Glide-Rite, total customer care comes as standard. From full training and technical support to comprehensive warranty and next day parts delivery, you are covered every step of the way. Glide-Rite is not just a supplier, it is also a partner.